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Exhibit A8

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit A8

All items from this exhibit will be retained by DPI Review Team.  If any items are not available, provide a printed statement to that effect.

Purpose of this exhibit

The items in this exhibit allow the review team to see how the district is meeting the requirement for having an established procedure for nondiscrimination grievances or complaints to be filed by students and employees.  It also allows review of any past discrimination complaints that have been filed and reported on PI-1197 (Pupil Nondiscrimination and Educational Equity Report Data Collection Worksheet) and how these complaints were resolved.

Items needing to be provided

  • A copy of nondiscrimination grievance or complaint procedures for both students and employees
  • A list or description of discrimination complaints and their resolution from students or parents from the past 3 years that were reported on the PI-1197

Sample Materials

Here are some sample policies that meet the CRC requirements: