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Exhibit E7

Exhibit Instructions – Exhibit E7

The items from this exhibit will be reviewed but will not be retained by the DPI Review Team.

Purpose of this exhibit

The materials for this exhibit allow the review team to see how the district ensures, on a regular and ongoing basis, that student financial assistance materials and processes do not discriminate.

The DPI Civil Rights Information Update on Scholarships and Financial Assistance to provides guidance on development of policies and processes related to awarding of prizes, scholarships, and grants within the requirements of federal nondiscrimination laws. The update includes sample language. You can access the update here: /files/pdf/criu-01-2004.pdf

Items needing to be provided

A description of the process and the staff responsible for conducting the planned and periodic review of financial assistance materials, forms, etc. for nondiscrimination.

Sample Materials

None available at this time