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Equity & Diversity

Equity in education is a priority for all. To ensure that all students become aware of these opportunities and expectations, schools need to provide students with unbiased education with an equitable environment. The objective is to illuminate the connections in the education process and to show how equity and diversity can actually make the system work better for all. This page is dedicated to resources that educators can use to make positive change in their own districts to provide opportunities for all students!

Wisconsin's Model for Sex Equity in Career & Vocational Education


Education has many goals and objectives, among them to help make all young people aware of the opportunities and expectations that await them in the adult world. Limited opportunities and differential expectations created by sex bias and role stereotyping rob students of the freedom to choose and pursue an occupation that appeals to them and will allow them to support themselves and others. In addition, such bias and stereotyping produce counterproductive effects on the state's economy and quality of life.

1: Overview
2: Phase 1: Building Commitment and Direction
3: Phase II: Assessment
4: Phase III: Planning
5: Phase IV: Action
6: Promotional Strategies
7: Staff Development Strategy
8: Affirmative Guidance
9: Curricular Strategy
10: Classroom/School Environment Strategy
11: Administrative Strategy
12: Parent/Community Involvement Strategy
13: Phase V: Evaluation
Appendix A: Support Materials
Appendix B: Sample Forms
Appendix C: Student Career Surveys
Appendix D: Staff Surveys
Appendix E: Data Collection Charts
Appendix F: Data Tabulation Work sheets for Student Career Surveys
Appendix G: Data Tabulation Work Sheets for Staff Surveys
Appendix H: Analysis Guide Sheets
Appendix I: Sample District Equity Plan format
Appendix J: Selected Bibliography
Appendix K: Legislation Related to Sex Equity