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Exhibit A – Policies, Procedures, and Administration


  • A1 Community demographics, brief description
  • A2 District policy and administrative procedures handbook
  • A3 Handbooks (student, staff, etc. at district & school levels)
  • A4 Course catalogs/offerings booklets
  • A5 Current communication related to nondiscrimination
  • A6 Pubs with Title IX & 504 coordinator(s) contact info
  • A7 CTE annual public notification
  • A8 Nondiscrimination complaint procedures and records
  • A9 Equity Plans or the Pupil Nondiscrimination Self Evaluation
  • A10 District/program promotional materials
  • A11 Business, education, and community partner materials
  • A12 Harassment & bullying prevention policies, procedures, etc.
  • A13 Title IX & 504 coordinator job descriptions
  • A14 School clubs & organizations and their entrance req'ts