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2011-2012 PI-1202 Fall Staff Reporting Information

This site provides districts with information and changes regarding the PI-1202 Fall Staff Report application. Members who will be interested in this site include district IT staff, software vendors, business manager/department, human resource director/department, staff responsible for completing the PI-1202, and district administrators.

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June Letter to Districts/Vendors

Technical Documentation

2011-2012 Position/Assignment Table (revised 9/15/2011)
2011-2012 Staff and Assignment File Structures for Uploads (revised 9/15/2011)

The Proposed 2011-2012 timeline for districts to report is as follows:

Date Description
October 21st Letters containing passwords will be sent to District Administrators or 2 weeks prior to the collection opening.
  • Letters sent on 10/20/2011.
November 4th Fall Staff Report Application will be opened.
December 15th DPI will start running audits on districts where the PI-1202 has been locked and submitted.
Once audits are complete, if needed, districts can make corrections based upon audit results.
December 16th Reporting deadline and closing of the Fall Staff Report or 6 weeks after collection opens.
March 1st All final corrections must be done and the collection locked.
March 31st Staff data reports will be published on the DPI web site.
May 31st DPI's due date to report information to the U.S. Dept of Education.
First week in July Final audits to determine highly qualified teacher status are run at the end of the school year.

Changes for the 2011-2012 School Year

Software/Application Changes

  • 10/19/2011
    Starting with the 2011-2012 school year, the long term substitute question : "Is this assignment being performed by a long term substitute?" will be asked as an optional field for most positions with assignment type of codes of:
    • 0 (Professional - Special Education) or
    • 1 (Professional - Regular Education)
    • with the exception of 53-0970 (Teacher/Intern)
      Y-Yes, N-No or blank will be acceptable values.

    A "Yes" or "No" answer will be required for the following positions (no change from the 2010-2011 collection):
    • Required when position is 53 (except if assignment is 0970-Intern).
    • Required for position/assignment combinations 54/0000, 62/0884, 84/0000 or 85/0000.

    If you are aware of a staff member who is a long term substitute, please update the record accordingly if time permits.

    **Note: Starting with the 2012-2013 school year, all positions with assignment type of codes of: 0 (Professional - Special Education) or 1 (Professional - Regular Education) with the exception of 53-0970 (Teacher/Intern) will be required to answer this question Yes or No.
  • Contract Salary and Contract Fringe maximum limits have been increased. Contact Salary will now allow values less than or equal to $300,000. Contract Fringe Benefits will now allow values less than or equal to $110,000.
  • All NCLB data elements will now accept a zero value for the number of classes. See the Number of Classes & NCLB guidance, for more information.

Position/Assignment Code Changes

New codes

  • There are no new codes for the 2011-2012 school year.

Changed codes

  • 53-0940 Teacher/Academic Support - Non-Special Education pupils has been changed to allow staff reporting at both the district level and school level.

Deleted codes

  • 53-0043 Teacher / Perm Substitute
  • 98-0980 Other Support Staff / Parent Education
  • 98-0990 Other Support Staff / No area description
  • 51-0003 Principal / Mentor - In the future, LEAs should report the entire assignment as 51-0000. (New 09-15-2011)
  • 54-0003 Guidance Counselor / Mentor - In the future, LEAs should report the entire assignment as 54-0000. (New 09-15-2011)

Staff and Assignment Upload File Changes

Staff File

  • The seven digit File Number field has been corrected by reducing the length to six digits. A one space Filler field has been added after the File Number field.

Assignment File

  • The Contracted Assignment and Contracted Agency data elements have been combined. The new question, "Is this assignment being performed by a subcontracted individual?" will be asked for all position/assignment combinations with the exception of staff with an assignment type code of 2 (Short-Term Substitute/Extra Curricular Activities) (revised 09-15-2011). The Contracted Agency field name has been change to: "Subcontracted individual through a contracted agency." The old Contracted Assignment field has been changed to Filler.

Guidance Tips and Recommendations

Guidance Tips:

Who should be reported? Decision Tree Diagram
FTE guidance
Grade Level guidance
Number of Classes & NCLB guidance
Working School Number guidance


  • Teachers with assignments for grades 7 and 8 cannot be reported as 53-0050, Teacher-Elementary All Subjects. You must report the specific subject(s) taught. Example: 53-0400, grades 07-08 (mathematics) 50% FTE, 53-0300, grade 08 (English) 50% FTE.
  • We recommend use of individual's name as listed on their most current social security card to reduce the name discrepancy warnings between agencies.

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