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Locked arms

Partners Foster a Career Readiness Landscape

Ensuring students are college and career ready would not be possible without the partnerships that support these efforts. They are critical and...
Karin Smith

New Resources Rejuvenate Academic and Career Planning

Many school districts in Wisconsin are taking the disruption of the pandemic as an opportunity to reinvent the Academic and Career Planning (ACP)...
Julie Williams

Prep for Enlivening Your CTE Classroom

With a new year upon us, what insights and best practices have we gained from our teaching during the pandemic as well as before the pandemic? What...

Getting Back to the American Dream

Nicholas Pinchuk, CEO of Snap-on Tools in Milwaukee, has a message. Actually he has a few. He spoke at the Coalition for Career Development Center’s...

A Clear Advantage – Industry-Recognized Credentials

Industry-recognized credentials (IRCs) offer benefits, not only to the student who earns an IRC, but also to the schools and communities. But what...
Heather Long

Off to a Strong Start in Financial Literacy

Family and consumer science teacher Heather Long has been teaching personal financial literacy (PFL) at Clintonville Middle School and High School...

Help Wanted: Seeking Applicants with Social and Emotional Skills

The news is filled with stories of employers having a hard time finding job candidates with the right skills. In many cases, the “right” skills do...

“Why do we need to know this?” Career-Based Learning Holds Answers

How many times have you heard a student ask, Why do we need to know this? Now the Wisconsin Guide to Implementing Career-Based Learning Experiences (...

How to Attract Students and Parents to CTE

This article was excerpted from Advance CTE’s April 2021 survey, “Communicating Career and Technical Education: Learner-centered Messages for...

The Economic Impact of CTE

From the production era to the technological era, attitudes about workforce readiness inevitably shift over time. In the short-term, however,...