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Education Organization Reference

Education Organization Reference: WISEdata

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An Identifying ID number for education organization resource, i.e., the Local Education Agency ID.

USES: This data element links an school to a student and a student's sSEPA record, if applicable.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1.  WISEdata uses Education Organization ID numbers exclusively.     Formerly used 4 digit LEA Code and 4 digit School Codes are not used by WISEdata reporting although these codes ARE still used by other reports submitted to DPI.   Your SIS vendor should provide a method of storing both WISEdata Education Organization ID numbers for Districts and Schools as well as LEA and School Codes.
  2. WISEdata Education Organization ID Numbers are unique within the state of Wisconsin across Public Districts, Public Schools, Charter Schools, Private Schools, Etc...   
  3. WISEdata Education Organization ID Numbers can be any length.   Be careful not to confuse 4 digit EdOrg ID numbers with LEA or School Codes and vice versa. 
  4. Sometimes DPI may refer to education organization ID numbers as Agency Keys or Agency Numbers.



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