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State Assessment Type: WISEdata

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Identification of whether or not a student is expected to take the general or alternate assessment. State Assessment Type-Alternate (SATA) is the identification that the student is expected to take the alternate assessments. This characteristic is submitted only when True/Yes and can only be submitted/modified by the enrollment-holding district or Choice school.

Districts no longer need to submit this data to DPI current as of the October 1 snapshot at Year-End 2021. Additionally, L2 Validations (errors and warnings surrounding this data) in WISEdata portal are also subsequently removed. 

All students taking the alternate assessment (DLM) must qualify as a student with the most significant cognitive disabilities as defined below. In Wisconsin, a student with the most significant cognitive disability is defined as:

  • typically characterized as functioning at least two and a half to three standard deviations below the mean in both adaptive behavior and cognitive functioning; and
  • performs substantially below grade-level expectations on the academic content standards for the grade in which he or she is enrolled, even with the use of adaptations and accommodations; and
  • a student who requires extensive, direct individualized instruction and substantial supports to achieve measurable gains, across all content areas and settings.

Only a student who meets this definition and participates in the alternate academic achievement standards may take the alternate assessment.

USES: This data element is used in response to ESSA requirements and to determine what type of assessment the student needs to take.


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