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County: School Directory Public Portal and Management Portal


The Wisconsin county in which the school or district is located.

A county provides local, governmental support for the school/district located within it. There are 72 counties in the state of Wisconsin. Each county holds a varying number of locales - towns, villages, cities, etc. Dane County, for example, is home to almost 60 locales including Wisconsin's capital city of Madison.

You can use 'County' as a filter to locate School Types (public or private) and to filter districts. When you click the filter, a pop-up window will display all 72 counties in Wisconsin. Any county/counties you select will be highlighted and marked with a check mark. Click ‘Reset Filters’ to clear all selections. Click ‘Close’ when you’re done making selections. Districts from all selected counties will be displayed in alphabetical order. Click on the district name to view details about specific schools in that district.

USES: This data element is part of the School Directory and is used to communicate detailed information about schools in Wisconsin, such as the location of a school in Wisconsin.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. On the School Directory Management Portal, when logged in as the Agency Type 'CESA', this data field should read 'CESA'. CESAs support multiple counties, so a single county name should not be listed here. If it does not and you need this changed, please submit a Customer Services Team Help Ticket as the School Directory, Basic Information screen contains data fields that you cannot edit yourself. The person submitting this ticket must have the user role of “Directory Update” because this role signifies they have authority to request these changes.

If you need further assistance, please submit a Help Ticket.
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