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District/School of Accountability

District/School of Accountability: WISEdata Calculated Field

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The Accountable District value is not one you will enter in your SIS; it is a DPI-calculated value based on the school submitted as FAPE responsible for the student.

For students with disabilities, the accountable school is a school within the FAPE agency. This value is based on the school submitted as FAPE responsible.

Primary disability must be calculated prior to this field. For students with disabilities, this field denotes the FAPE agency.

The Accountable District is the district responsible for student outcomes. The Accountable Districts will be the district submitting to WISEdata. The Accountable District may or may not be the Resident District (because students do not always attend schools located in the district where they reside).

The Accountable District is the resident district (district of residence) when all of the criteria listed below are met:

The School of Accountability is the school accountable for student outcomes. 

USES: Most public reporting and adequate yearly progress will be based on District Accountable. An exception applies to dropouts following an expected transfer (Exit Type =ETC) to another district (Expected Transfer District <> submitting district) because dropouts are determined by what happens after a student exits.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

FAPE Accountability: Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) school fields are required for data submission and should always be completed. The school/district identified as FAPE responsible will be held accountable. When selecting the FAPE-accountable school and district, you cannot transfer accountability within the same district. For example, District A cannot submit enrollment (sSA) for School A and then try to make School B in the same district FAPE accountable.

The FAQs below give very basic scenarios. The best resource to access to help you determine if the resident district or another district needs to be the FAPE accountable school, please refer to the Special Education Team's FAPE Accountability Reference Chart

Other unique scenarios are presented on the Uncommon WISEdata Situations webpage

  1. sSEPA Records:
    • Any student's Special Education Program Association (sSEPA) in which the FAPE fields are missing should receive an error.
    • DPI expects a sSEPA when the IDEA eligibility = Y. For IDEA eligibility = Y, then FAPE accountability is required.
  2. Submitting a child as FAPE in a different district:
    • The act of paying tuition or having a contract (such as a 66.0301 Cooperative Agreement or a tuition waiver) does NOT transfer accountability; the residential district maintains FAPE accountability.
    • Accountability transfer of the FAPE accountable agency should occur only when the IEP transfers the student to another district for services.
  3. IEP Transfers FAPE Accountability:
    • The Resident districts is FAPE accountable unless the student's IEP specifically states that accountability has transferred to the Attending district. This happens rarely.
  4. IEP Moves Child to a Different WI School: If the IEP moves a child, then FAPE accountability changes from the resident district to the attending district.
    • If an IEP moving a student is different than a special education student choosing to open enroll in another school. In this case, the school of open enrollment will be FAPE accountable and will generate the IEP (usually still working with the resident district).
    • Again, please refer to the Accountability Reference Chart above.
  5. IEP Moves Child Out of State: If an IEP moves a child out of state, DPI applications have no way to track accountability. The student's accountability remains with the resident district.
  6. Homeschooled Special Education Students: There is no legal obligation for a district to provide special education services to a child who is homeschooled if the parent has withdrawn the child from the public school. If a child is homeschooled, the child may still receive services, depending on whether or not the child has an IEP. There are, however, homebound students with disabilities who are receiving special education services or in the case of a preschooler, receiving services in the home. These children would still be considered enrolled and should be reported in WISEid/WISEdata.

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