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Entity ID

Entity ID: WISEid/WISEstaff

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The Entity ID is a 10-digit DPI-assigned Educator File Identification Number. This field required for staff  with assignments that require a license.

Entity IDs are auto-generated as soon as an individual applies for their license. This means if a staff member does not have an Entity ID, they have not yet or not correctly applied for their license.

An entity ID is optional for staff who do not require a license for their assignment, and not required for students.

If this field is populated AND the WISEid field is populated, it will be used to generate an informational message if the Educator's Entity ID is not correctly associated with the given WISEid record.

USES: Entity IDs may be used in the WISEid matching process, as well as in the annual WISEstaff audit. 


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. Encourage staff to apply for their licenses so that they can get an Entity ID. 

    Persons without an Entity result in an automatic ‘fail’ for the annual staff preliminary audit. 'Failing' the preliminary audit can greatly impact LEAs, because preliminary audit results will not show if their staff have the correct license or not. Subsequently, a lack of information on the preliminary audit results can hinder LEAs from submitting accurate data for the final audit. Results of the annual certification are published in the DPI Public Staff Reports portal.

  2. If you have questions about the WISEstaff annual staff audit, please visit the WISE Events Calendar page and search for the WISEstaff Weekly User Group.




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