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United States Entry Date (optional)

Date Entered U.S.: WISEdata

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Month, day, and year of entry is expected only for students born or residing outside the U.S. The first date of continuous enrollment in U.S. schools should be entered, if known. If the student exits the United State for more than 30 days, then this date should restart. If not available, then the first date of entry into the United States is acceptable. 

Code Description/Comments
Day Day of the month when student entered U.S.
Month Month when student entered U.S.
Year Year when student entered U.S.

*Note, this data element should NOT be sent for U.S. students returning to the school after a temporary foreign exchange experience.

USES: This optional date of U.S. entry helps determine who may qualify as immigrant or migrant status and who may or may not need English Language testing.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

Not required for public or Choice schools.

  1. English Language Arts Assessment: Students are exempted from taking the English language arts assessment during their first year in the country.

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