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Last Evaluation Date

Last Evaluation Date: WISEdata

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The Last Evaluation Date is the date of the last special education evaluation (Form ER-1), or, if the parents and districts agree to waive the re-evaluation, then it would be the date of the notice of agreement that a three-year re-evaluation is not needed(Form RE-3).

Date Description/Comments
Day Day of the month when a student received a special education evaluation.
Month Month of the year when a student received a special education evaluation.
Year Year when a student received a special education evaluation.


USES: Sampling for the Reading Drives Achievement: Procedural Compliance Self Assessment (RDA:PCSA) 


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. When a new ER-1 or RE-3 form is completed, does this update/change the Last Evaluation Date for an active/already reported sSEPA record?
    • No, the Last Evaluation Date reported in a student's special education program association (sSEPA) record should be from the form completed prior to the sSEPA's Begin Date.

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