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Local Years of Experience

Local Years of Experience: WISEstaff

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Local Years of Experience in this agency (LEA) are the years employed by an educational agency down to the half-year mark. Include staff members who have assignments that require contracts and all time through the current school year. Also include any experience the staff member has working in that agency doing any and all jobs in any work, even as a janitor or intern.

You're required to report only staff with assignment type of codes of “0” Professional - Special Education and “1” Professional - Regular Education.

You're NOT required to report for subcontracted individuals or staff with assignment type codes of: “2” Short-Term Substitute - Extra Curricular Activities, “3” Support - Regular Education, and “4” Support - Special Education.

The format for submitting Local Years of Experience is a three-digit decimal number with one place after the decimal. It should end in only whole or half decimals (.0 or .5). For example, report as 10.5 or 10.0 years, not 10.2. Leave the field blank when it does not apply to a specific assignment area and position code combination.

For valid combinations of Assignment Areas and Position Codes, see the Assignment Code List.

USES: This data element tracks information about a particular staff member's reported years of experience in a local agency's position and assignment records in WISEstaff and is used in SDPR reporting.


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  1. WISEstaff Experience FAQ: See more specific answers about experience questions in this Experience FAQ knowledge base article.

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