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Long-Term Substitute

Long-Term Substitute: WISEstaff

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Long-Term Substitute refers to whether or not the assignment is performed by a long-term substitute. The guideline to qualify an educator as a long-term substitute is any assignment that extends beyond 45 days.

Enter Yes or No as the response to the question “Is this assignment being performed by a long-term substitute?" Leave this field blank when it's not required for a given position and area code combination. You're required to report only for staff with assignment type of codes of “0” Professional - Special Education and “1” Professional - Regular Education. See yearly staff collection documentation for which assignment position and area code combinations requires this question to be answered.

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Long-Term Sub Response Code Description/Comments
Y (Yes) Assignment performed by long-term substitute
N (No) Assignment NOT performed by long-term substitute or doesn't meet 45 day length requirement

USES: This data element is required for LEAD licensing audits.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. Salary FAQ: For more specific scenarios about substitute salary and reporting, see the Salary FAQ knowledge base article.
  2. Substitute Definitions: See the Long-term Substitute Guideline knowledge base article.

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