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School in Resident District

School in Resident District: WISEdata

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School in Resident District is the school the student would attend in his or her resident district. School in Resident District must be provided if the Resident District is not the district submitting to WISEdata or the student has an IDEA-eligible disability.


USES: School in Resident District is used to determine information about where students live in relation to which school submits and is responsible for them.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


Non-district Charter Schools

For non-district charter schools' (under s. 118.40(2r), Wis. Stats.) collection records, the code for this field will be the code for the non-district charter school (not blank or null as in the past). By law these students would normally reside in the school district where the charter school is located. Accountability for students enrolled in non-district charter schools is always tied to the 2R charter school regardless of Resident District, and these schools are not covered by Preliminary Membership Reports or PI-1563.



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