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Subcontracted through a Contracted Agency

Subcontracted through a Contracted Agency: WISEstaff

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Subcontracted through a Contracted Agency refers to whether or not the staff member is hired as a subcontractor for the assignment. Enter Yes or No to the question “Is this assignment being performed by a subcontracted individual?”

Leave this field blank when it's not required for a given position and area code combination. This value is required for all assignments except 53-0970 Teacher/Intern. See annual staff collection documentation for which assignment position and area code combinations require users to answer this question.

View the 2017-18 Assignment Code Table.

Subcontracted Response Code Description/Comments
Y (Yes) Assignment is performed by a subcontracted individual.
N (No) Assignment is NOT performed by a subcontracted individual.

USES: This data element tracks information on a particular staff member's position and assignment records reported in WISEstaff to see if contract data is required.

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FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. Multiple Assignments: A subcontracted staff person can have multiple assignments at different agencies. The hiring agency will report all staff data for the subcontractor with the assignment-related specifics broken down at the various working agencies.
  2. Salary and Benefits: You do not need to report contract salary and benefit data for subcontractors.


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