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Submit Review: School Directory Management Portal


Across the very top of the home screen is an instructional message.

It reads:

Data has not been verified for the 2024-25 school year. Review the data on all tiles and subsequent screens, make changes as needed, and save your changes. Areas with missing mandatory data will display an error message. When done, click the Submit Review button to mark that your data has been managed. 

Clicking this “Submit Review” button indicates to DPI that you have reviewed (updated and saved) all data for the current school year. You have clicked every tile from the home screen and gone through every screen, saving changes as updates along the way.

Clicking this “Submit Review” button means it’s time to celebrate Data Quality! Woo Hoo!!

Once you click this button, you can still make changes with the SD Management Portal as needed until the application closes (typically, at the end of each calendar year). The application opens again within a few weeks of the closing

USES: School Directory Management Portal allows districts, independent charter schools, private schools, and other local education agencies (LEAs) to update the DPI database. The data entered into School Directory Management Portal then feeds the information viewable on the School Directory Public Portal. Allowing LEAs access to School Directory Management Portal directly is more efficient than submitting changes on paper forms for the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to enter.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. FAQs: Visit the School Directory Management Portal: Annual Required Updates webpage for information about the specific timing of the opening and closing of the Wisconsin School Directory Management Portal application and for further details of annual required updates.

  2. Visit the School Directory Management Portal: User Guide landing page to view the full user guide for your agency type.

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