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Acknowledging Warnings in WISEdata Portal

Acknowledging Warnings in WISEdata Portal


Validation warnings in WISEdata Portal are intended to flag questionable data that has been submitted to WISEdata and serve as a prompt for you to review the data for accuracy and quality. If necessary, correct the data in your local SIS to clear the message. If the data is accurate, however, you can acknowledge validation warnings.

This tutorial is intended to walk new WISEdata Portal users through the process of acknowledging validation warnings.

How to Acknowledge Validation Warnings

1. In WISEdata Portal, use the menu at the top of the screen to go to Agency > Validation Messages.

2. On the Validation Messages page, find the warning you need to acknowledge and click the blue arrow to see a list of student records with that validation warning.

3. Select the check box next to the students for whom you want to acknowledge the warning. As a reminder, acknowledging a warning indicates that the data is accurate as submitted and does not need to be corrected.

image of selecting a warning to acknowledge

4. Once you have selected the warning or warnings you need to acknowledge, click on the drop-down menu below the warning number that currently reads Unacknowledge. In the menu, select, Acknowledge.

selecting acknowledge in the drop-down menu

5. After you've selected Acknowledge, click Submit. In the Ackn? column, you should see the value Y for warnings you've acknowledged.

Note that if you need to unacknowledge any warnings, the process is the same as above, except that you select Unacknowledge in the drop-down menu before clicking Submit.

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