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Count Date Name: Pupil Count Pilot Program

Count Date Name for Pupil Count for Membership: School Finance


Pupil Count Pilot Timeline:

  • July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023: Phase 1 of Pilot
  • July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024: Phase 2 of Pilot
  • July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025: DUAL REPORTING between PI-1563 and WiSFiP Pupil Count Module
  • July 1, 2025 - June 30, 2026: PI-1563 Retired; All Collection via WiSFiP Pupil Count Module and Additional WiSFiP Reporting

Wisconsin School Finance Portal (WiSFiP) - Pilot Project for 2022-23 and 2023-24 SY

Count Date Name refers to the name of the dates when pupil counts (headcounts) occur to obtain student status. For example, the Third Friday of September. LEAs must submit a record of all student enrollments receiving services (i.e., present, or absent, or not receiving services) on each of the appropriate count dates. The student will count for Pupil Count if:

  • The student is in attendance for instruction on the count date; OR

  • The student is absent on the count date, but attends at least one of the days before and at least one of the days after the count date, is not enrolled in any other school

Required Count Dates for Pilot Participants
Code Count Date Name Descriptor
M-3FS Third Friday of September - Membership
M-2FJ Second Friday of January - Membership

First Friday of May - Membership 

* for Milwaukee School District only

Please visit the Count Date Receiving Services Descriptor data element page for more information.

USES: Count Dates are used to determine accountability reporting.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. What if a student has not attended school before the count date but enrolls after?
    • For Third Friday of September (3FS): If the student has not enrolled a day before membership TFS count date, then receiving services for TFS should be left blank.
    • For Second Friday of January (2FJ): If the student enrolls and attends after 3FS, (which is before 2FJ), - AND - continues to be enrolled after 2FJ, then receiving services could be either present (P) or absent (A).
    • 'P' if present on 2FJ count date
    • 'A' if absent on 2FJ, but attended a day before and day after 2FJ count date
    • If the student enrolls and attends after 3FS, (which is before 2FJ), - AND - does not continue to be enrolled up until the 2FJ, then receiving services should be absent.
  2. What if a student moves to a different school within the same district after the 3rd Friday in September (TFS), but has a gap in enrollment because of non-school days? In this case, the student has two enrollments: one from District A, School A, and another from District A, School B. So:
    • At School A (in District A), if the student is present on the TFS count date, and their enrollment ended before the 2FJ, then they should be marked ‘P’ (present) for TFS, and the 2FJ is left blank for School A.
    • At School B (in District A), because the student does not have enrollment until after TFS date but is present on 2FJ, then TFS is left blank, and receiving services for 2FJ is ‘P’ (present).
  3. What if a student is present in school on the 3rd Friday in September (3FS), but does not show up after TFS and then enrolls elsewhere through the rest of the school year? If a student is present on the TFS count date, then the receiving services 3FS value is present, receiving services. However, when a student doesn’t show up after 3FS, then:
    • If the LEA is aware of an enrollment elsewhere, end the enrollment by exiting the student from your SIS on the last date of attendance.
    • If the LEA is unaware of enrollment elsewhere, end the enrollment after following proper district protocol of ensuring student whereabouts.
  4. How do I send enrollment records for a student who has moved to a county program outside of the resident district after TFS count date who did not come back to regular education? If a student is enrolled in District A (resident district) from the first day of school, say September 1st, and remains in school for two months, until November 1st, and then moves to a county day program on November 2, they should be marked either ‘P’ (present) or ‘A’ (absent), as it applies for TFS. SFJ should be left blank (‘NULL’).
  5. What if there is a schedule conflict on a regularly scheduled count date? Can we send the receiving services on an alternative count date? There can be two basic scenarios--an unplanned situation or a planned event--that would result in an LEA requesting an alternative count date from the statutorily required pupil counts of the third Friday in September or the second Friday in January.
    • An unplanned situation, such as weather conditions or another unforeseen event, that leads to the district not operating on the standard count date
    • A planned event, approved by the school board, where the district is closed and no students will be receiving instruction.
    • For cases such as these, the LEA will need to contact DPI’s School Financial Services (SFS) team to explain the situation and specify the alternative date they are requesting. Once the request is approved, then the alternative count date will be used for Pupil Count inclusion calculations.

If you have WiSFiP Pupil Count questions, contact the DPI School Finance Services (SFS) Team
by email ( or by phone (608) 267-9114.

If you need assistance from the Customer Services Team about WISEdata Portal, please submit a WISE Help Ticket.
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