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Email Address: WISEid

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This email address is connected to each unique combination of a WISEid, Local Person ID, and Local Person ID Key Type per agency. Each unique email can only be attached to one WISEid record, although the same WISEid can have the same email applied to multiple Local Person IDs. 

For Staff, this Field is Used:

  • by the WISEsecure system to authorize default access to DPI systems
  • for DPI sending emails to staff for legislative notifications or licensing expiration reasons 

For Students, this Field is Used:

  • in vendor software integrations through WISEdata to link emails to a specific student (for more information visit the Student Identity Integration webpage)
  • for students, the email should NOT be the parent's/guardian's emails
    • student emails should be district-generated email for the student, if it exists.
    • students' own personal email addresses are allowed if no district email is available

Note for Choice and SNSP participants:

Program contact emails are entered into WISE applications, not through your Student Information System (SIS). Changes that impact the Private School Choice Program (Choice) or Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) must be submitted using the update forms on the Private School Choice Programs webpage or Special Needs Scholarship Program (SNSP) webpage.

  • For example, changing contact information on the WISE applications (i.e., WISEid, WISEdata) will not change the emails address that is used for Choice Program of SNSP correspondence.
  • That will not change the email address that is used for Choice program or SNSP correspondence. To change or update emails for Choice and SNSP correspondence, use the links provided above to locate and complete change forms for Choice and SNSP.

USES: This data element is gathered to allow for a single sign-on method to all WISEhome applications once WISEsecure is established and available for general use.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


WISEhome Applications: All DPI WISEhome applications allow for a single sign-on using Google. You will find a Log in with Google button when logging in to an application. In order to use the single sign-on feature, you must have a district email that uses the Google domain. This district email address must be associated to your WAMs account and entered in the WISEid application Email Address field. Signing in via the Log in with Google button will allow you to work within any application for which you have access.

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