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IAC Code Type: Career Education


Districts create career pathways through the Perkins grant and Regional Career Pathway work. IAC codes represent a career pathway title. The career pathway in Perkins V, is composed of two or more Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, in addition to other size, scope and quality components. The IAC code is used to group CTE courses together that are part of the career pathway. Students are then scheduled into these courses. CTE Concentrators are identified in the 11th and 12th grade, when they have completed two or more courses in a career pathway. The IAC code is submitted with the student CTE program association.

Districts will need to create an organization method to select the IAC code that represents the title of each career pathway. Use of the Roster Work Plan is helpful in identifying CTE courses for each career pathway. Each student information system will have directions on where to enter the IAC code, which group courses together into a career pathway and identify concentrators.

This data is collected in the December Career Education and CTE Snapshot.

View the IAC Code to Cluster Mapping tables below:

USES: The IAC Code Type field provides information about the career pathway courses for Career and Technical Education (CTE) reporting.


FAQs, Details, and Points to Note

  1. Can a Concentrator have two different IAC codes/career pathways for a reporting year?
    1. DPI only collects one career pathway per Concentrator, per reporting year. If a student participates in multiple career pathways, the district will need to determine one career pathway to send. Districts may ask the student, review career exploration survey results, or come up with their own method.
  2. Can a non-CTE course be assigned an IAC code
    1. No, IAC codes are used only with CTE courses, as defined by Carl D. Perkins: Strengthening CTE for the 21 Century Act. Wisconsin recognizes six CTE subject areas that utilize specific CTE academic standards. These six CTE areas are also known as Program Area Types, and teachers should be properly licensed in CTE.
  3. How does the district know if they have developed career pathways?
    1. Districts have the opportunity to participate in the Carl D. Perkins: Strengthening CTE for the 21 Century Act and would have a grant coordinator or fiscal agent leading the work. Districts may also be participating in career pathway work through the statewide Regional Career Pathway (RCP) initiative. Each district may have a team of CTE teachers working with a Regional Career Pathway Coordinator. In addition, districts may have career pathways developed that do not meet the size, scope and quality requirements for Perkins or RCP. These local career pathways would be known to the school CTE team.
  4. How do I check previously used IAC codes?
    1. Districts can review their career pathway Concentrators by using WISEdash for District, Perkins Snapshot dashboard. Use the crosstabs IAC Code, IAC Title, and Career Pathway Type.

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