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Max Age Year: WISEdata

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This is the final school year for a student's inclusion in a School Performance Report (SPR) and other statistics, i.e., the student is 20 before the beginning of the current school year and turns 21 prior to 6/30, DPI's official school calendar year end. This data element applies to ALL applicable students, both regular and special education.

Regarding FAPE: Max Age Year should only be used for the last possible year the student is eligible for FAPE, not when a student is between the ages of 18-20.

If a student exits school prior to the max age year, even if over the typical graduation age of 18, then use the exit code of dropout, ODO. If the student transfers midterm during the final year of FAPE eligibility, use an appropriate transfer code, such as TC; MA should only be used at the end of the school year.

USES: Max Age Year is a factor in the exit type maximum age (MA), which, in turn, affects high school completion rates. Max Age Year is the last year of inclusion in SPR statistics.

FAQs, Details, and Points to Note


  1. Eighteen-Twenty-one-year-old Transfer: If the student meets the Maximum Age qualifications, then the exit type at the end of the school year is expected to be Maximum Age, regardless of a transfer. Use the Max Age Exit Type, not a transfer code. However, if the student transfers prior to the end of the school year, schools should enter an appropriate transfer code, such as TC.
  2. Date of Birth data element page: The Date of Birth data element page can give you further details. it is required to determine a student's correct age. 
  3. WISEid data element page: Each student is required to have a WISEid through the duration of their time as a student. Student names and WISEids are associated with all assessments taken by that student. Students over age 18 need to retain their WISEid until they complete their schooling. 
  4. Exit Type: Use the MA Exit Type to indicate that a student has reached maximum age for services. 
  5. You can find more detailed information on Uncommon WISEdata Situations - Students Age 18-21 Continuing School.


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