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Organization Type

Organization Type: School Directory Public Portal


This data element is a filter on School Directory Public Portal. It shows the type of education organization the agency is classified as.

This information is found when using the "Status | Types | Programs" filter. 

USES: This data element is part of the School Directory, used to provide detailed information about schools in Wisconsin.

Organization Type Name: Organization Type Description
Organization Type Name Organization Type Description or Where to Find More Information
CCDEB School School associated with the County Children with Disability Education Board (CCDEB). Sometimes referred to as CDEB. More information is available on the County Children with Disabilities Education Board DPI website.
Charter Management Organization (CMO) An educational organization operating charter schools. More information can be found on the DPI Charter Schools in Wisconsin website
Non-District Charter School Charter school not authorized by a public district. More information can be found on the DPI Charter Schools in Wisconsin website.
Private School A privately funded school.
Public School A school that participates in the publish school system.
Public School District District that administers public schools. 
State Institution School School operated by a state institution such as the Department of Health Services (DHS). More information available on the Reporting Uncommon WISEdata Situations webpage.

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