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Virtual School Status: School Directory

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This data element records the type of virtual instruction offered by a school. The value of this data element is an indication of the extent to which a school offers instruction in which students and teachers are separated by time and/or location, and interaction occurs via computers and/or telecommunications technologies.

Submitted Response Description
Exclusively Virtual All instruction offered by the school is virtual. This does not exclude students and teachers meeting in person for field trips, school-sponsored social events or assessment purposes. All students receive all instruction virtually.
Primarily Virtual The school’s major purpose is to provide virtual instruction to students, but some traditional classroom instruction is also provided. Most students receive all instruction virtually.
Primarily Classroom (Supplementary Virtual) Instruction is directed by teachers in a traditional classroom setting; virtual instruction supplements face-to-face instruction by teachers. Students vary in the extent to which their instruction is virtual.
No virtual instruction The school does not offer any virtual instruction. No students receive any virtual instruction.

USES: This data element is part of the School Directory and the School Modification form. It is part of the EDFacts Common Core of data.


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