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WISEstaff Copy Forward Files Mini Tutorial

WISEstaff Copy Forward Files


Copying forward files is an OPTIONAL step. This functionality is only used by districts that do not generate fresh Contract and Assignment files from their staffing system each year. Instead, they copy the data reported to DPI in previous years as their current year starting point. Files from previous school years may be copied to ensure data consistency. Use Copy Forward Files to begin working on the next school year's data.

Copy Files from Previous School Years Process

  1. From the WISEstaff tab, click Manage Staff Data under the Reports/Validations menu.
  2. Press Download Contracts to select and download the contract file for the appropriate school year.
    • Note: Years of Experience and School Year will automatically increase by 1.
  3. Press Download Assignment to select and download the assignment file for the appropriate school year.
  4. Make any changes for the school year (adding or deleting staff).
  5. Upload files to populate the new school year's data collection.

copy forward files screen shot

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