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Announcements & Updates

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  • E-learning course available
  • New WISE Google Single Sign-on feature released (4/30)

    It allows school district staff to log into DPI WISE applications using Google authentication.

    To learn more about how WISEsecure Single Sign-on works and how you can ensure you’ll be set to use it when it’s released, please review this quick one-page guide.


Training Materials

User Guide

The WISEid User Guide contains information on gaining access to WISEid, managing district settings, as well as working in the application. Please review this guide before working in WISEid and to find answers to many how-to questions.

WISEid User Guide
WISEid Notification System User Guide

Quick Start Guide

This guide contains instructions on how to do some of the most common tasks in WISEid. Please use this as a quick reference when working in WISEid to create or edit WISEids.

WISEid Quick Start Guide for Choice Schools
WISEid Quick Start Guide for Public Schools

Training Videos

These videos are short guides on how to do some of the most common tasks in WISEid.

WISEid Training Videos



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