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Evaluation Delay Reason

Evaluation Delay Reason: Special Education

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Evaluation Delay Reason: Parental consent is required before any LEA member can assess or otherwise work with a student towards the goal of determining eligibility for special education. Once that consent is obtained, LEAs have a 60-day timeline to complete the initial special education evaluation. There are three exceptions to the 60-calendar day timeline.

Delay values include Transfer, Child Unavailable, and Initial SLD Eval.

TRANSFER ( T ) - The first involves a student who transfers from one LEA to another after the 60-day timeline has begun and prior to a determination of (or continuation of) eligibility by the previous LEA. For the exception to apply, the LEA must have completed the evaluation within a specific time agreed to by the parent and LEA.

CHILD UNAVAILABLE ( C ) - The second exception is if the parent repeatedly fails or refuses to make the student available for the evaluation. This is determined on a case-by-case basis, and what constitutes "repeatedly failed" or "refuses to make the student available" will vary depending on the specific circumstances in each case.

INITIAL SLD EVAL ( I ) - The third exception applies to students being evaluated for a specific learning disability for the first time, and the timeline is extended by mutual written agreement with the parent.

If the completion of the evaluation is uncertain due to one of the reasons above, an Evaluation Late Reason should be provided.

Note for Pilot Year:

Indicator 11 data collection is currently in its pilot school year for the 2022-23 school year. The Indicator 11 project will help record the date of parental consent and the date of the evaluation for special education eligibility in WISEdata Portal and WISEdash for Districts. It will also improve the collection, quality, and use of our data about how students are receiving timely evaluation for special education eligibility, which is their right in federal law.

For more information refer to the Timely Special Ed Evaluation, or the Evaluation Late Reason data element pages.

Questions about disability data should be directed to the DPI Special Education Team. Email:         Phone: 1 (608) 266-1781

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