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Quick Training Videos for WISEid

Security Videos

Video Name Embedded Video

Creating a WAMS Account

Running time: 2 min. 03 sec.


Completing the DSA Set-Up Form (For Choice School Administrators)

Running time: 2 min. 24 sec.


Logging into ASM

Running time: 2 min. 11 sec.


Delegating an ASM Role Admin (Application Administrator) for WISEid

Running time: 1 min. 52 sec.


Delegating a WISEid Agency Admin User Role

Running time: 2 min. 02 sec.


WISEid Videos

Video Name Embedded Video

WISEid Overview

Running time: 3 min. 30 sec.


Granting Access to WISEid through ASM

Running time: 2 min. 03 sec.


Uploading a File from SIS/HR System

Running time: 4 min. 35 sec.

Download a PDF version

Match Review

Running time: 1 min. 31 sec.


Downloading a Student File by Local Person ID

Running time: 1 min. 03 sec.


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