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Evaluation Complete Indicator

Evaluation Complete Indicator: Special Education

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Evaluation Complete Indicator: This is a ‘True’ or ‘False’ value entered into your SIS or Special Ed Web Portal. ‘True’ indicates that the evaluation has been completed and should be accompanied by the date on which the evaluation was completed. ‘False’ indicates that the evaluation has not been completed. The LEA will need to provide either an Evaluation Delay Reason OR an Evaluation Late Reason. Do not enter both.

If both an Evaluation Delay Reason and an Evaluation Late reason are provided, LEAs will receive an L2 notification 7180.

Note for Pilot Year:

Indicator 11 data collection is currently in its pilot school year for the 2022-23 school year. The Indicator 11 project will help record the date of parental consent and the date of the evaluation for special education eligibility in WISEdata Portal and WISEdash for Districts. It will also improve the collection, quality, and use of our data about how students are receiving timely evaluation for special education eligibility, which is their right in federal law.

For more information refer to the Timely Special Ed Evaluation, the Evaluation Delay Reason, and the Evaluation Late Reason data element pages.


Questions about disability data should be directed to the DPI Special Education Team. Email:         Phone: 1 (608) 266-1781

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