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Enter Aggregate Staff FTE Mini Tutorial

WISEstaff Enter Aggregate Staff FTE


In the WISEstaff application, you will find the Enter Aggregate Staff FTE option under the Manage Staff Data menu. Clicking Enter Aggregate Staff FTE will open a screen where you can enter FTE information about your subcontracted employees.

As the Hiring Agency, you will be able to enter assignment data for subcontractors for whom you aren't otherwise able to obtain personal information, such as birth dates, to create WISEids for these employees. Note, if you are able to obtain the demographic information needed to create a WISEid, use that data to create a WISEid and enter the staff member in the standard method. The aggregate method should ONLY be used when you do not know the demographic data to report the employee as traditional staff. 

To enter subcontracted assignment data

  1. Select the Working LEA from the drop-down menu under the Subcontracted Assignment section.
  2. Then select the Working School.
    • If you want to enter the assignment FTE for the whole district, choose '0000 - District-wide' from the drop-down menu.
    • working LEA screen shot


  3. Select the Position.
    • At this time, the only option is 98 - Other Support Staff.
  4. Choose the appropriate assignment Area from the drop-down menu.
    • The aggregate area options include: Bus Driver - Special Education, Bus Driver, Plant Maintenance and Operation, and Cafeteria Worker.
  5. The Contracting Agency Name field is free text where you can enter a specific contracting agency's name if you wish.
  6. Enter the FTE total on the right side under the Details section.
    • This number must be rounded to the nearest hundredths place.
    • aggregate FTE screen shot


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