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For current year WISEstaff reporting information and changes, see the WISEstaff Reporting Information page.

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User Guide

The WISEstaff User Guide contains information on gaining access to WISEstaff, managing district settings, as well as working in the application. Please review this guide before working in WISEstaff and to find answers to many how-to questions.

WISEstaff User Guide


Training Videos

These videos are short guides on how to do some of the most common tasks in WISEstaff.

WISEstaff Training Videos


Guidance Resources

Who should be reported?     Decision Tree Diagram                                         FTE Guidance

Grade Level Guidance                                                     Working School Number Guidance



WISEstaff Basics 2018 Updated 10/2/2017

WISEstaff Business Rules

WISEstaff Status Update

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