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PreACT Secure

Please note: Additional details will be available in fall 2022.


  • PreACT Secure is a summative assessment, aligned to the ACT test and the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards, that measures what students have learned in the areas of English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science.
  • Educators will find that PreACT Secure closely mirrors the ACT test in many ways, including implementation, test delivery, scoring, and reporting. PreACT Secure scores predict how students will perform on the ACT when they reach 11th grade and their readiness for college-level coursework.
  • PreACT Secure is an online assessment.

Key Differences from ACT Aspire

  • PreACT Secure runs 155 minutes for standard-time testing, compared to 285 minutes for ACT Aspire. PreACT Secure does not include a separate Writing test.
  • Students must complete the administration as a single battery in one sitting (like the ACT), unless they have accommodation needs for multi-day testing.

PreACT Secure Assessment Details


Type of Testing - Online. Students who require testing in a specialized format such as braille or large print materials, or those students who require American Sign Language translation, may be tested with a paper and pencil test.
Subjects Assessed - English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science; administered in a single battery like the ACT (no modularity)
Standard Time for Testing - 155 minutes (2 hours, 35 minutes) Test Times by content area
Testing and Delivery Platform - PearsonAccessNext (PAnext)/TestNav

Accommodations and English Language Learner Supports

Accommodations – Are determined at the local level and ordered accordingly. Accommodations are entered through students’ Personal Needs Profiles (PNP) in PAnext.
EL Supports - Local level supports are allowed and are entered through students PNPs in PAnext.


Beginning in fall 2022, ACT will provide a state website and Schedule of Events, in addition to online webinars and training materials.

2023 Wisconsin Testing Windows

Each window runs Monday-Friday for two consecutive weeks.
Test Window 1: March 20-24 and March 27-31, 2023
Test Window 2: April 3-7 and April 10-14, 2023

Test Window 3: April 17-21 and April 24-28, 2023

Scoring and Reporting

Scoring - Scored on a 1-36 scale, with 35 being the maximum score. Includes ACT Readiness Benchmarks and predicted ACT scores.
Reporting Access - Educators will have access to student score reports, summary reports, roster reports, and student data in ACT Online Reporting (same as ACT).
Reporting Platform - ACT Online Reporting (Success.ACT)

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