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PreACT Secure



PreACT Secure is a summative assessment given to 9th and 10th grade students, that is aligned to the ACT and the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards. PreACT Secure measures what students have learned in the areas of English, Reading, Mathematics, and Science.

Educators will find that PreACT Secure closely mirrors the ACT in many ways, including implementation, test delivery, scoring, and reporting. PreACT Secure scores predict how students will perform on the ACT when they reach 11th grade and their readiness for college-level coursework.

PreACT Secure is an online assessment.


Quick Contacts

PreACT Secure State Testing Customer Service
(877) 789-2925 Ext 2
ACT Wisconsin Website

DPI Contacts

ACT Program Coordinator
General Information and Policies
(608) 266-1075
Phil Cranley
Data, Student Demographics and Privacy Issues
(608) 266-9798

Duane Dorn
Choice Program & Test Security
(608) 267-1069