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School districts and charter schools will be responsible for the cost of administering the assessment of reading readiness chosen by the district or charter school. However, school districts and charter schools will be eligible to seek reimbursement from DPI for the costs of the assessment, provided the assessment meets the criteria established in state law. These state aid payments will be prorated if the total reimbursement claims submitted by school districts and charter schools exceed the amount appropriated for this purpose.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible reading readiness expenses include the cost of training materials, student materials, scoring guides, online score portals, as well as teacher training costs. Expenses which are not eligible for reimbursement include teacher salary, IT staff salary, substitute teacher salary, computers, and travel costs to attend training.

Allowable costs graphic


Requesting Reimbursement

In the spring of each school year, DPI will send a reimbursement request form to the District Assessment Coordinator in each district. DACs should complete the form by the deadline and submit it to DPI. DPI will collect reimbursement requests from all districts and determine if there is enough money in the appropriation to fulfill each request. If there is enough money, all districts will receive their full request. If there is not enough money to fulfill each request, DPI will prorate payments to districts.


DPI will deposit reimbursements into district accounts prior to the end of the fiscal year for which the request was submitted. Detailed information about the amount each district received each year can be found at the STAR AIDS Register; search under “Assessments of Reading Readiness Public”.

Accounting Code

Business offices should use the Source 630 Project 522 accounting code when purchasing a literacy screener or screeners required by this law.