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Access for ELLs Calendar



Year Date Event
2018 October 1 - November 1 Non-Public School Pre-ID Upload Window (DACs)
  November 1 Public School Pre-ID Upload (DPI)
  November 6 Material Orders Generated by DRC from Rosters
  November 13 WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Test Sessions
  November 29 Districts Receive Test Materials
  November 29 Additional Test Material Ordering Window Opens
  December 3 Test Window Opens
2019 February 1 Additional Materials Window Closes
  February 1 Test Window Closes
  February 8 All Test Material Due Back to DRC
  March 4 Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window Opens
  March 12 Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window Closes
  April 23 District Data and ISR Downloads Available
  April 23 Post-Reporting Data Validation Window Opens
  May 3 Printed ISRs Delivered to Districts
  May 7 Post-Reporting Data Validation Window Closes
  Early May Reports and Data Downloads available









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