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Access for ELLs Calendar


2023 September 29 Private School Pre-ID Upload Window Opens
  October 12 Preliminary Statewide Pre-ID Roster Upload
  October 26
Final Statewide Pre-ID Roster Uploaded
Materials and PRE-ID Labels Generated
  November 2 WIDA AMS Test Setup Available
  November 28
Districts Receive Materials
Additional Material Ordering Window Opens
  December 4 2023-24 Test Window Opens
2024 January 28 Additional Material Ordering Window Closes
  February 2 2023-24 Test Window Closes
  February 13 All Materials Due back to DRC
  February 21 Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window Opens
  February 29 Pre-Reporting Data Validation Window Closes
  April 26 Electronic reports and data downloads available
  May 7 Post-Reporting Data Validation Window Opens
  May 11 Paper reports delivered to districts
  May 21 Post-Reporting Data Validation Window Closes
  June 5
Final ACCESS data available in DRC Insight
  September 10 Alternate ACCESS scores available