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NAEP Resources


General Resources


NAEP and State Assessments Fact Sheet- Describes the differences between NAEP and state assessments.

State Comparison Tool - Provides tables and maps that compare states and jurisdictions based on the average scale scores for selected groups of public school students within a single assessment year, or compare the change in performance between two assessment years

NAEP Information for Families - Brochure for families which contains a general overview of NAEP.

Resources for Participating Schools

Please note that this timing describes a typical NAEP assessment year; NAEP notification for the 2020-21 school year was delayed due to COVID19 and school closures, and subsequently postponed to 2022. There is no NAEP 2021 student testing.

  • Districts selected for participation in NAEP are notified in May. All schools selected to participate in NAEP are usually notified around the end of June, when building principals and district assessment coordinators receive their schools' assessment dates.
  • In August or September, selected schools receive a NAEP packet. This packet includes information about the MyNAEP website and providing/updating school information on MyNAEP.
  • Materials for participating schools are posted online on schools' MyNAEP web pages.

If you have questions about the assessment or need to change your assessment date please contact Angela Dugas at (608) 267-2273, or visit your MyNAEP web page.

Resources for NAEP 2021 Special Studies

In place of NAEP 2021 student testing, there are two NAEP Special Studies that schools in the NAEP 2021 sample are asked to participate in: The NAEP 2021 Monthly School Survey and the NAEP 2021 School and Teacher Questionnaires.