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ACCESS for ELLs Resources

Student Transfers

If your district receives a new EL during the test window, fill out this form.

DPI will receive the transfer request, verify enrollment, and transfer a student record with any incomplete tests to your district. It is anticipated that this will be done within 1-2 business days. You will be notified of the result of your request via email.

ACCESS for ELLs Administration Roles




There are three roles required to administer ACCESS for ELLs: 

Test Coordinators

  • responsible for the overall coordination of test administration
  • set up user accounts within the new DRC INSIGHT Portal
  • ensure everyone has access to the WIDA website for training
  • complete the Training Course and verify that Test Administrators and Technology Coordinators have also completed their trainings and checklists

Technology Coordinators

  • responsible for all technical and system setup for online testing
  • troubleshoot and provide tech support during testing
  • complete web­-based trainings and checklists available through the WIDA website 

Test Administrators

  • responsible for administering ACCESS for ELLs
  • complete the WIDA Training Course, including review of all applicable Test Administration Manuals and web-­based modules
  • complete checklists that will be available through the WIDA website to prepare for test administration activities.

Test Administrator Requirements

checklist graphic

ACCESS for ELLs test administrator requirements differ based on what specific test they are administering. 

  • The online ACCESS for ELLs assessment must be administered by a school or district staff member, not related to any of the students being tested. 
  • The Kindergarten, Alternate and the paper-­based ACCESS for ELLs assessments must be administered by a trained educator (including administrators and teachers) who is employed by the school or district. This may also include student-­teachers who normally have responsibility for supervising students, or other individuals who have met the test administration qualifications and are temporarily hired by the district to administer ACCESS for ELLs. Parent volunteers are not allowed to administer examinations.
Prior to assisting in administering the ACCESS for ELLs, schools and districts should ensure that test administrators have received training and are certified. Test administrators must complete each online examination for the section of the ACCESS for ELLs which they are administering. Test coordinators should ensure that the certifications of staff involved in testing are up­-to­-date. To be certified, the online modules must be completed through the DRC INSIGHT Portal.


The DRC INSIGHT Portal is designed to: 
  • Capture the Pre-ID information required to set up test sessions for students
  • Be the ordering platform for paper ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs tests
  • Set up the test sessions for students taking the ACCESS for ELLs assessment
  • Capture accommodation requirements for ELLs with disabilities
  • Provide data downloads one testing is complete and the assessments have been scored
Existing users will receive an email invite to the DRC INSIGHT Portal in early September. DACs will need to enable permissions for the current administration for staff who will be involved in testing this year. DACs who are new since the last administration will be added to the system in late September. 

Test Ordering

A default order will be created from the roster DPI extracts from WISEdata in late October. The additional test material ordering window will open up in late November or early December, and will remain open throughout January. During this window, paper tests can be ordered for students who need this accommodation.

Test Administration

ACCESS for ELLs is now administered using the DRC INSIGHT Portal. It will require a username and password. Access to features in the DRC INSIGHT Portal will depend on whether you are a Test Coordinator, Technology Coordinator, or Test Administrator. To access the DRC INSIGHT Portal, you must be an authorized user with a valid username and password. Contact your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) for login and training instructions.

Private School Administration

Private schools who need to administer ACCESS for ELLs must work with their local district to create a logistical plan for implementation. As ACCESS for ELLs is now online for grades 1-12, this may require setting up a testing environment at the private school, or scheduling a time for students to take the test at a public school location. Private School PreID rosters can be uploaded during the month of October.

Private Choice school students should have a WISEid, and this should be used for their State ID. Non-Choice private schools should create a unique ten-digit ID for students in the following format: 9NNNNNScCd. “9” Designates a private school, NNNNN is a unique student number for each student in the school ranging from 00000 to 99999, and ScCd is the four-digit School Code from the Private School Directory. Please do not generate IDs for students who already have WISEids/WSNs.