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DAC Resources and Trainings


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The DAC resources and trainings webpage was created to be specific to DACs and their needs.  The trainings on this page pertain to the overall DAC position, not a specific assessment. The resources found on this particular web page are also general resources for DACs to assist them in navigating their role and responsibilities.  DACs may choose to share occasional resources with their schools and districts if appropriate (such as the sample parent letter about an upcoming assessment.)

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New DAC Orientation

The purpose of this training is to familiarize new District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) with respective statewide assessment responsibilities and for anyone who may need refreshment in this area. This module will serve as a road map to key information and resources such as Trainings, Calendars, Resources, Accommodations & Accessibility information, Technology Requirements, Practice tests & Sample Items Frequently Asked Questions etc. It will also cover the role and responsibilities of the DAC around collaboration, communication, training, test security, accommodations, student data, and reporting.


Assessment Strategies to Inform Instruction

This resource provides information for district and school leaders to consider when identifying student needs, planning instruction and monitoring student learning.

State Testing Plan for the Implementation of Assessments in Wisconsin

The purpose of this manual is to help schools effectively implement online assessments. This document is designed for use by all individuals involved in implementing assessments including classroom teachers, District Assessment Coordinators, School Assessment Coordinators, District Technology Specialists, etc. It will be up to the school to determine the best person to use this manual. It is not meant to be exhaustive. This is a guide for considerations of resources, accessibility, staffing, scheduling, and various other issues that will arise in implementing the state assessments.

2-Page New DAC Walk Through

This 2-page overview provides DACs with a brief overview of the Assessment and Accountability web pages, our communication processes, and some resources that will aid you in your position.

Sample Letter for Families About Upcoming Assessment

This is a sample letter that may be utilized by districts/schools to inform families about an upcoming state assessment. The Informational Brochure for Families would go along with this to give parents/guardians more details about the specific assessment their child will be participating in.