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Assessment for ELLs FAQ

Why are ACCESS for ELLs scores for 2016-17 so low?

In 2016 the WIDA consortium met for a process called a Standard Setting. In this activity, educators from around the US met and analyzed student answers on the ACCESS for ELLs. They used their understanding of the demands of college- and career-readiness standards to determine what level of performance was needed to be demonstrated by students to be proficient in English.

The impact of this Standard Setting was to raise the bar for proficiency significantly. Students will likely show a pause in ELP growth in 2016-17, as they “catch up” to these new proficiency demands. See the WIDA web page for more information.

What is DPI going to do about the low scores?

DPI Recommends that districts use the Manual Exit Criteria outlined in ESEA Bulletin 07.02 while we wait for more data with which to reevaluate our Exit Criteria.

Q. How is test ordering going to be handled in 2017-18?
A. Orders will be calculated automatically based on Pre-ID files on 11/1. Districts may upload Private School Pre-ID Files in October, while DPI will upload the Public School Pre-ID file on 11/1. Districts will receive orders based on these files on 11/30, and additional materials can be ordered between 11/30 and 2/2 with 2 day shipping.


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