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Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Trainings

DLM Trainings

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All training modules are now available in Moodle. Log in to Moodle at DLM Training.

Required Test Administrator Training

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Test Administrators must have an active Educator Portal account before access to the required test administration trainings can be granted. A Moodle account will be created for each test administrator with an active account in Educator Portal. Allow at least 3 hours for access to Moodle after your Educator Portal account is created. DLM has created a Guide to Required Test Administration Training posted on the DLM webpage.

Educators who completed the required training last year should be listed as ‘returning users’ and are required to complete one 30 minute module and successfully pass the quiz. Educators new to Educator Portal or users who didn’t complete the required training last year will be uploaded as ‘new users’ and are expected to complete 5 training modules and successfully pass the related quizzes.

Log in to Moodle at DLM training.

Educators who have changed districts, have new emails, or have a name change should contact the DLM Help Desk to have their accounts linked. Districts should not create new accounts for these individuals.

DLM Facilitated Training Modules

""District personnel may have access to the DLM facilitated training module materials in order to train test administrators.  All DTC will have access to the materials.  Facilitators must be added by either the District Test Coordinator (by contacting the DLM Help Desk) or by DPI. Once the DTC or DPI upload a facilitator, it may take up to 3 hours before access to Moodle is granted.  Please plan accordingly for all DLM trainings.

Facilitated materials are listed in the course list after logging into Moodle. A Facilitator Guide for Required Test Administrator Training is posted on the DLM web page.