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Wisconsin Forward Exam Calendar

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August 4
Accessibility Guide available
November 10
Technology User Guide available
November 22
Technology Training Videos available
November 23
DACs assigned permissions to access the 2023-24 DRC INSIGHT Portal
December 4
Braille materials order window opens
December 29
Forward Practice Tests available
January 8
DRC INSIGHT Portal Guide available
January 8
DAC Training – recorded presentation available
January 8
Test Administrator Training – recorded presentation available
January 8
Test Administration Manual available
January 8
Student and Administrator Tutorials available
January 10
First DAC, SAC, DTC Q&A Webinar
January 29
WISEdata student data file upload to DRC INSIGHT Portal
February 7
Second DAC, SAC, DTC Q&A Webinar
February 12-23
Optional Add Accessibility Features window
March 4
Access to DRC INSIGHT Portal Test Sessions and Individual Student Information
March 4
Assign Individual Student Accessibility Features in the DRC INSIGHT Portal
March 6
Third DAC, SAC, DTC Q&A Webinar
March 18 – April 26
Forward Exam testing window
April 10
Braille materials order window closes
April 15-18
Educator Involvement Opportunity: ELA Rangefinding Meeting (scoring short-write items)
April 29-June 28
District window to opt-out of receiving paper Individual Student Reports (ISRs)
June 11-14
Educator Involvement Opportunity: ELA and Mathematics Standard Setting (new cut scores)
July 30 – August 8
Educator Involvement Opportunity: New Item Review Meetings (ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)
User’s Guide to Interpreting Results available
ISRs and Summary Data available in the DRC INSIGHT Portal
Hard copies of ISRs sent to districts
Public reports available in WISEdash
2025 March 17 – April 25 Forward Exam testing window