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Wisconsin Forward Exam Calendar


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More dates will be added as they become available

Year Date Event
2018 October 1 Accessibility Guide and Training Available
  October 2 Public Release of Assessment Data in WISEdash
  November 13 Technology User Guide Available
  November 13 Technology Readiness Resources Available
  November 14 District Technology Training Webinar
  November 21 DTC Webinar Recording Available on Forward Technology Requirements Webpage
2019 January 11 Braille Materials Order Window Opens
  January 16 DTC Training/Q&A Webinar
  January 22 eDIRECT Guide available
  January 23 State Data Upload of Student Data into eDIRECT (DPI Pulls Roster Data from WISEdata to Upload to eDIRECT)
  January 28 Test Administrator Manual Available (consolidated with the DAC/SAC Guide)
  January 28 (week of) DAC Training Recorded Training Presentation (New DAC Training and Updates Training)
  February 4 (week of) Test Administrator Training Video (Recorded Presentation) available
  February 11 Student Tutorials available
  February 11 Administrator Tutorials available
  February 11 Online Tools Training available (includes NEW format for TDA)
  February 11-22 Optional Add Accessibility Features Window in eDIRECT
  February 13 Training/Q&A Webinar
  February 25-March 1 eDIRECT Test Set-up Features Unavailable
  March 4 District Clean-up of Individual Student Demographic Data in eDIRECT
  March 4 Assign Individual Student Designated Supports and Accommodations in eDIRECT
  March 13 Training/Q&A Webinar
  March 18 - May 3 Forward Exam Testing Window
  April 19 Braille Materials Order Window Closes
  TBD User’s Guide to Interpreting Reports Available
  TBD Individual Student Reports (ISRs) and Summary Data available in eDIRECT for district personnel access
  TBD Hard copies of Individual Student Reports (ISRs) sent to districts
  TBD Public Release of Assessment Data in WISEdash
2020 TBD Forward Exam Testing Window





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