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PreACT Secure Practice Tests

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Online Testing:

Online ACT practice tests are great resources for providing students with both a tutorial of TestNav and a sample of content they can expect on PreACT Secure. When using ACT practice tests, please advise students of the following:

  • Number of test items and timing will be different for the PreACT Secure
  • There is no writing test on the PreACT Secure. Students practicing for the PreACT Secure should not complete the practice ACT writing test.

ACT Online Practice Test in TestNav - Click on Practice Tests link once you have navigated to TestNav sign on page. Log in credentials are not needed.

Preparing Students for Taking the PreACT Secure Online (includes answer key for online practice tests)

Note: Schools may order free alternate format ACT practice tests by completing and mailing the ACT® Alternate Format Practice Tests form.