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PreACT Secure Data and Results

2022-23 Data resources will be posted as they become available.

About the Data

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The PreACT Secure assesses grade 9 and 10 students’ readiness in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science.  Results are reported on a 2-digit score scale and are compared to ACT Benchmarks to determine whether students are on track to meet college-ready benchmarks. 2-digit scores are also reported for an overall composite score (average of the English, Reading, Mathematics and Science scores) and STEM score (average of the Mathematics and Science scores).

PreACT Secure Exam Data Availability

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Reporting Access - Educators will have access to student score reports, summary reports, roster reports, and student data in ACT Online Reporting (same as ACT).

Reporting Platform - ACT Online Reporting (Success.ACT)

State testing data will be released publicly in WISEdash in the Fall. For more information about WISEdash Public or WISEdash for Districts please refer to the PreACT Secure FAQ.

Data and Reporting Resources 

Data resources coming in 2023
Interpretive Guide for PreACT Secure Summative Reports
Sample Parent/Guardian PreACT Secure ISR Cover Letter
Spanish translation 
Hmong translation


Note that no single test can tell us whether students have learned everything that is important for students to learn. Additional local evidence should be reviewed for a more complete picture of student learning.