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State and federal laws require that state assessments must allow for the inclusion of all students, including students with disabilities and English language learners. Accommodations and supports are practices and procedures that provide equitable access to grade-level content. They are intended to reduce or eliminate the effects of a student’s disability or level of language acquisition; they do not reduce learning expectations. The accommodations or supports provided to a student must be consistent for classroom instruction, classroom assessments, and district and state assessments. It is important to note that while some accommodations or supports may be appropriate for instructional use, they may not be appropriate for use on a standardized assessment.

Accessibility Supports Guide for the ACT

Accommodations Training Webinars

Additional ACT Accommodation Resources

Allowable English Language Learner Supports

Consent to Release Information to ACT Form

High-Incidence Accommodations, Designated Supports and Accessibility Supports on the ACT

Policy for Accommodations Documentation

Quick Start Guide for Requesting Accommodations/Supports 

Qualified Exception to the Deadline Form – Form to request accommodations for newly enrolled students or students with newly identified disabilities/sudden onset of medical emergencies after accommodation request deadline

Success for you and your Students – Tips for avoiding some common testing with accommodation issues

Test Accessibility and Accommodations System (TAA)

Test Accessibility and Accommodations System (TAA) User Guide