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Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Calendar


Year Month Event
2017 July Individual Student Reports available in KITE
  August 22 Moodle required test administration training becomes available
  September 20 Instructional Tools Interface (ITI) opens for school year
  November 13 Science ITI testlets available
  December 20 - January 1 Instructional Tools Interface (ITI) closed for technology upgrade
2018 January 5 Recommended deadline to complete enrollment/user/roster uploads for participation in spring testing
  January 12 Recommended deadline to complete First Contact and PNP for participation in spring testing
  January 22 - February 16 Data validation and revision period - make sure all data is accurate for spring assessment window
  February 24 Recommended deadline to complete required test administration training and security agreement before spring window before spring window - print certificate of completion
  February 24

Deadline to mark ‘Braille’ in student PNP for spring window

  February 28 - end of school year

Instructional Tools Interface (ITI) closed for remainder of school year

Science ITI testlets no longer available

  March 19 - May 4 DLM Test Window for ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies


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