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ACT High School Assessments - Test Security

Test Security Documents:

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Wisconsin Test Security manual 

This manual represents the expected professional conduct of educators who administer statewide assessments in order to ensure proper assessment and academic integrity. It is intended to be used by districts and schools in the fair and appropriate administration of the statewide high school assessments in conjunction with the ACT and ACT ASPIRE assessment specific Manuals to ensure valid and reliable administration of the assessments.

Confidentiality Agreement Forms:

District and school staff (DAC, SAC, DTC, STC, TA, etc.) who have access to the test or reports (providing accommodations, setting up tests and testing devices etc.) must sign hard copy confidentiality forms and submit the form to their DAC /SAC. Only the signed DAC Confidentiality form must be sent to DPI at, all other confidentiality forms should be retained at the local level. CESA staff who have access to any testing materials or data must also complete a confidentiality form.  All Confidentiality Agreement Forms are available on the Assessment Forms webpage.

Testing Staff:

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All testing personnel are required to read the appropriate manual for their role (Test Coordinator, Room Supervisor, Accessibility User’s guide). To protect both the student and the room supervisor from questions of possible conflict of interest, the room supervisor should not be a relative or guardian of a student. A relative is defined as: Mother, Father, Guardian, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle, and Grandparent. Per DPI policy, a room supervisor/proctor for statewide testing is an employed, adult, district staff member who has been trained in test administration, is familiar with the test administration instructions, and is capable of following standardized procedures which includes the use of the ACT Aspire portal.

Standardized Procedures:

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To ensure a secure and valid testing experience, the following actions violate ACT/ACT Aspire policies and procedures:

  • Accessing or obtaining a test booklet or test questions prior to the test for any reason (An exception is provided for American Sign Language interpreters assisting ASL students for ACT ASPIRE assessments. See the “Preparation for Signing Test Items” section in Appendix C of the ACT ASPIRE Accessibility user Guide.)
  • Photocopying, making an electronic copy, or keeping a personal copy of the test or of any test items (An exception is provided for students who need to utilize digital scanning magnification for test items only for ACT ASPIRE. See the  ACT ASPIRE Accessibility user Guide.)
  • taking notes about test questions or any paraphrase of test questions to aid in preparing students for testing
  • aiding or assisting a student with a response or answer to a secure test item, including
    • providing formulas
    • rephrasing test questions for students
    • creating an answer key 
    • editing or changing student answers after completion of the test, with or without the student’s permission
    • allowing students to test in an unsupervised setting
    • leaving test materials in an unsecured place or unattended
    • failing to properly report and document incidents of prohibited behavior involving students, staff, or others
    • allowing students to test longer than the permitted time
    • failing to return and account for all testing materials after the testing session has ended

Please refer to the ACT and ACT ASPIRE manuals for specific security information about:

  • Calculators
  • Scratch Paper
  • Unauthorized Testing Aids
  • Breaks
  • Electronic Devices
  • Student questions during testing
  • Voiding tests
  • Prohibited behaviors
  • Reporting Irregularities
  • Receipt and secure storage of paper based tests
  • Student seating arrangements.