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Update Your DAC Contact Info

DAC Contact Information

Updating your District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) contact information annually is critical for receiving assessment and accountability updates and for access to the testing portals.

DAC Contact List 

The DAC contact list contains all of the District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) for the Public School Districts in Wisconsin. If any information is incorrect on this spreadsheet the DAC must submit a correction using the DAC update form. 



DAC Update form

The DAC is the Office of Educational Accountability (OEA) first point of contact with the districts for all things assessment and accountability related.  It is important to ensure that the DAC contact information is correct for your district.  

  • This form must be submitted annually (even if no change has been made) by mid September of the new school administration year. 
  • If a change occurs during the school year (new DAC, phone number or email change etc.), the DAC update form should be completed and submitted to OEA.
  • A temporary DAC should be put in place while searching for a replacement DAC (or leave of absence) to ensure communication is still received at the district.