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Forward Exam Trainings

2019 DAC and Test Administrator Trainings:

This year the Forward Exam trainings for DACs, SACs, and Test Administrators will be recorded presentations posted on the Forward Exam Trainings webpage, instead of the face-to-face trainings of previous years. There will be three training presentations, each with information targeted to a specific audience. 

  • DAC/SAC Training #1 - Updates/Changes for the upcoming administration. This training is for DACs/SACs who have been through the full training already and feel comfortable enough with the process to just receive the updates. Available the week of January 28.
  • DAC/SAC Training #2 - Full Training for new DACs/SACs and any other DACs/SACs who would like a refresher. This training covers all aspects of administration management of the Forward Exam from start to finish including training, set-up, preparation, administration, reporting and any updates/changes. Available the week of January 28.
  • Test Administration Training - Required Full Training for all TAs. This training covers all the information TAs need to prepare for and administer the exam. DACs should ensure that all TAs view this training. Available the week of February 4.

2019 District Technology Coordinator Training

This training covers technology resources, supported devices, system requirements, system overview, and installation/configuration. The technology coordinator training and additional Q&A videos and resources are available on the Forward Exam Technology Requirements webpage


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