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Forward Exam Preparation by Role

The Forward Exam Roles:


District Roles:

  • District Assessment Coordinator (DAC)
  • District Technology Coordinator (DTC)

School Roles:

  • School Assessment Coordinator (SAC)
  • School Technology Coordinator (STC)
  • Test Administrator/Proctor (TA)

Please click on one of the roles below to view a list of the trainings and resources that should read and viewed by individuals in that particular role prior to setup and administration of the Forward Exam. These and additional resources and trainings are available on the Forward Exam resources webpage and the Forward Exam trainings webpage.

If your district or school does not have an assigned role, the duties fall to the role above it. For example:
  • If a school does not have a STC, those duties fall to the DTC.
  • If a district does not have a DTC, those duties fall to the DAC.
  • If a district does not have SACs, those duties fall to the DAC.