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Wisconsin Forward Exam Resources

Set up and Administration Resources





Test Times and Schedules


Test Set Up

2018 ​Multiple Student Upload (MSU) Layout  (if using chrome--right click on link--select save link as--save as csv file) 

One Page Informational Handouts

Proctor Guidelines

Data and Reporting Resources

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Data and reporting resources are available on the Forward Exam Data and Results webpage.

Forward Exam Technical Documentation

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The technical documentation in this section is designed to provide an overview of the steps taken to develop and validate the Wisconsin Forward Exam. The Standard Setting Report provide an overview of the steps taken to establish the cut scores for the examination. Standard setting studies are typically only done when a major revision or restructuring of the examination is completed. The technical manual provides an analysis of the entire examination program and the work that was completed during the previous year. Technical manuals are written on a yearly basis and incorporate the test development decisions that have been implemented over the course of the year.

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